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Kingdoms of the Hyborian Age

AQUILONIA (Large Kingdom) -- Symbol of might in the Hyborian Age, Aquilonia with her legendary armies of Bossonian archers, Gunderland pikemen and Poitanian knights, wields indisputably the supreme military power of the Western world. More than any other Kingdom, however, Aquilonia lies surrounded by grim and unrelenting enemies. A long series of defensive wars for survival must inevitably be fought (and won) ere Aquilonia may seek empire beyond her borders.

AMAZONIA (Small Kingdom) -- The female warriors of Gamburu are unmatched in the Southern world. Their fleet footed warriors are rightly feared for their ferocity and for their prowess with both the Javelin and their bronze bladed shortswords. A dream of empire calls them to seek dominion over the vast interior grasslands and the endless, forgotten jungles beyond.

ARGOS (Medium Kingdom) -- The major sea power of the Hyborian Age, proud Argos sweeps the western sea from Vanaheim to the Black Kingdoms. Wealthy beyond its size. Argos seldom lacks for funds either to war or to weave far reaching webs of intrigue as the situation dictates. Natural enemy of Zingara and secret supporters of the Barachan pirates, the Argosseans may very possibly prove the ultimate rulers of the Hyborian Age.

ASGARD (Medium Kingdom) -- Blonde reavers of the icy north, the mailed warriors of the Aesir are held in check only by their equally ferocious kin the Vanir to the west, the grim Cimmerians southward, and by arcane Hyperborea to the east. Loosely organized, the clans await their forging to a cause, or a great captain of men, to spur them over the ice towards bright and bloody conquest!

BORDER KINGDOM (Small Kingdom) -- On the fringes of the great Salt Marsh within the Border Kingdom, a new power is quickly developing. Strengthened by a surprising volume of trade (which travels northward to avoid high Nemedian Tariffs) and by a harsh but brilliant leadership composed mostly of exiled Aquilonian and Nemedian families, the young border Kingdom lies poised on the brink of empire ... IF only the fledgling Kingdom can stave off the early territorial appetites of its larger neighbors.

BRYTHUNIA (Medium Kingdom) -- The land of plains and horse, the Brythunians have become a culture of hunters and farmers, ranging their wide, flat lands ahorse and unfettered. The Brythunian army carries forward this heritage with a large contingent of disciplined cavalry regiments. Split and scattered into small, widely dispersed fiefdoms, Brythunia awaits only a powerful leader to weld it together and send its riders thundering out of the plains and onto the road of empire.

CIMMERIA (Medium Kingdom) -- Grim. Moody. Grey skied. The land of Crom amid hills and mountains. A warrior race, the Cimmerians are descendants of ancient Atlantis and only slowly coming again into the ways of civilization after contact with the Hyborian Kingdoms. In battle the Cimmerians are unmatched in the darkly wooded hills of their homeland and few are the invading Aquilonian, Pictish, or Northeim warriors who return from that grey land! A legacy of hatred runs strong amongst Cimmerians for their long time enemies, the Picts.

CORINTHIA (Medium Kingdom) -- Secure behind high mountain passes lie the city states of Corinthia. Notable for their highly disciplined battle phalanxes and fearsome weaponry (halberd and pike), the Corinthians swiftly move towards unity as a Kingdom. A great general is all that Corinthia needs to lead their heavily armoured pikemen down upon a surprised Hyborian world.

DARFAR (Small Kingdom) -- The sharply filed teeth of the Darfar savages haunt the dreams of even the boldest warriors who have faced them in screaming battle. Actually composed of a various mix of tribes, the Ghanatan and the northern Tibu tribes foremost amongst them. Darfar gains its name from the scattered cannibalistic grassland tribes which most often provide the drive and leadership for empire.

HYPERBOREA (Large Kingdom) -- Cold and heartless, Hyperborea is ruled by grim, gaunt, albino nobles and by the sorcerously powerful witch- women. Safe within their high stone keeps on the snowy Hyperborean plain, the Hyperboreans wield power far beyond their meager resources and small army. Fortress of arcane power in the north, Hyperborea is a spiteful foe to Aquilonia and quite possibly the most dangerous Kingdom of the Hyborian Age.

HYRKANIA (Medium Kingdom) -- Savage horse tribes of the interior steppes, uncivilized in all by the arts of war at which they excel, the Hyrkanians move upon a shifting sea of unrest as turbulent as the fiery ponies upon which they ride. The Hyrkanian tribes war constantly amongst them- selves but when united under a great chief they destroy armies as swiftly as their horse-archers can race across the endless flatlands which encompass them. Trained from childhood in horse and bow, the Hyrkanian cavalry has been called with good reason the finest horse- archers in the world.

IRANISTAN (Medium Kingdom) -- The golden land south of the Ilbars mountains is widely, albeit sparsely inhabited. Ancient and rich, Iranistan uses the Kossaks and the Ilbars hillmen as border defenses to turn back the swift horse-archers of their long standing foes in Turan and Hyrkania. When forced to do battle the well trained Iranistani army is as good as any in the world of Hyboria.

JUMA'S KlNGDOM (Small Kingdom) -- The warriors of Kulalo receive archer training in the Turanian fashion and thus stand out as the finest archers in any of the Black Kingdoms. Juma's Kingdom is relatively unbeleaguered in early years and can look to the north and south coastlines for easy expansion. The black corsairs of the Southern Isles have become natural enemies over many a skirmish and raid. Under skillful control, Juma's Kingdom can quickly emerge as a major power in the southern world.

KAMBULJA (Medium Kingdom) -- Ruled by the god-king of the scarlet circle, deep in jungle girdled Angkhor crouches the hungry Kingdom of Kambulja. The Kambuljans are forever locked in war with neighbouring Khitai whose great wizards, the god-kings also contest on an arcane level. The Kambuljan host fields huge mammoths trained and relied upon to smash the formations of the Khitai in battle.

KESHAN (Medium Kingdom) -- A Kingdom of barbaric splendor, the Keshans are well led by nobles and religious leaders who claim descent from the great people of Alkmeenon. Keshan also has a well drilled army patterned after the Stygian military organization. While Stygian troops often raid into northern Keshan, Punt is Keshan's long standing and hereditary enemy. Keshan lies poised in the midst of a power vacuum and, if well controlled, may emerge as a major power of the Hyborian Age.

KHAURAN (Medium Kingdom) -- Rich in fertile meadowlands and at the center of trade in the Hyborian world, Khauran is a Kingdom of abundant wealth. Khauran is well ruled by nobles of Kothic descent and lacks not for wizards and powers arcane. The Khauranian nobles disdain the use of horse but hire mercenary cavalry troops as needed. Khauran begins the epoch in strong alliance with both Koth and Khoraja.

KHITAI (Large Kingdom) -- The ancient empire, stronghold of the world's greatest wizards and masters of the eastern world, Khitai has a powerful army and a sound leadership based in Paikang, Shu-Chen and Ruo-Chen. Khitai is forever at war with Kambulja to the south whose god-kings vie with them for supremacy in the arcane mysteries of the scarlet circle.

KHORAJA (Small Kingdom) -- Blessed with excellent leadership, a highly diverse and well trained army, a fertile land, and a location central to the rich southern and eastern trade routes, Khoraja is powerful beyond its tiny size. Wizards and priests capable of calling upon unearthly aid are not unknown in Khoraja. Situated over the fractured eastern Shemish Kingdoms, Khoraja stands at the gates of empire IF through wisdom and cunning Shem, Stygia, and Turan can be held at bay. As the epoch begins, Koth and Khauran stand firmly allied with Khoraja.

KOSALA (Medium Kingdom) -- The Kosalans are an ancient race, decadent but not grown soft. They are devoted to the worship of the god Yajur and their armies are an arm of their religious organization. The Kosalans are aided by ancient magics and a fanatical if untrained populace ever willing to fight and die in battle. Kosala from of old is tied with Vendhya through intermarriage and treaty and can expect no invasions from that quarter.

KOTH (Large Kingdom) -- Pride of the Hyborian south, Koth is known for its armour making skill and adventurous people. The Kothic army is powerful and balanced enough to fight against any army of the Hyborian Age. Both Khauran and Khoraja have formed cultural and economic ties which bind Koth into firm alliance with them during the early years of the epoch.

KUSAN (Small Kingdom) -- The westernmost Khitan Kingdom, culturally advanced Kusan relies upon her excellent ambassadors and diplomats (easily the most adept politicians of the age) at least as much as upon her armies. Considered the most challenging position to rule, Kusan must expand its tiny size in the dwindling vacuum between great Khitai in the east and the Hyrkanian hordes to the west.

KUSH (Medium Kingdom) -- The semi-civilized Black Kingdom of most common knowledge among people of the Hyborian nations is Kush. Proud Kush is seldom raided, the Stygians usually preferring to take their slaves from weaker Darfar or Keshan. Kush in Conan's time is a Kingdom teetering on the road to empire ... or ruin. Good Kings must be fostered lest poor leadership allow the Kingdom to fall into unrest and rebellion.

NEMEDIA (Large Kingdom) -- Nemedia, the central pillar of Hyborian culture and civilization stands ever in defiance to their habitual foes, mighty Aquilonia. The gleaming Nemedian knights are rightly proud for their army which is as diverse as it is deadly. Nemedia may well extend an empire without limit ... IF they can stop the hosts of Aquilonia.

OPHIR (Medium Kingdom) -- A Kingdom of great beauty with gilded knights and high towered cities, Ophir is protected by natural boundaries of mountain and river on all sides but to the south which the Ophirians have well fortified. The Ophirian army is provided for with all that wealth can purchase including the finest training, weapons, and arms as well as being additionally strengthened by mercenary archers from Shem. Unassuming Ophir is powerful enough to begin the red road to empire but small enough to avoid threatening the larger Kingdoms.

PICTLAND (Medium Kingdom) -- Savage, warlike brutish, persistently resistant to civilizing influences, the Picts inhabit the Primal forest of the Pictish Wilderness. Constantly warring amongst themselves, the Picts must find a leader strong enough to unite the tribes and hurl their vast hordes upon the path of empire.

PUNT (Small Kingdom) -- The barbaric splendor of the Kingdom which is Punt is based upon the bright yellow gold washed down off the central hills. Hereditary enemies of Keshan, Punt must also mistrust the growing power of Zembabwei. If these two foes can be kept at bay, and if a trade route can be established to the gold hungry markets of the Hyborian world, then Punt may well emerge as supreme among the Black Kingdoms.

SHEM (Medium Kingdom) -- The city states of Shem lie between the ambitions of Koth and the malignant arcane power of Stygia. The western Shemish states form a loose knit nation with Asgalun as their tiller head. The eastern Shemish states stand in alliance with each other and also with western Shem creating a friendly eastern border. The Shemish Asshuri and the famous Shemish archers make Shem's armies very strong. Through mercenary service in over a dozen Kingdoms of the western world the Shemish generals have learned well the art of war.

STYGIA (Large Kingdom) -- Slumbering in her desert retreats, protected behind the mighty and brooding Styx river, lies Stygia. The Stygian army is never without the backing of wizards well versed in black battle magics, most often of the priesthood of Set. The ancient culture of Stygia is in decline, revolving in malignance about itself but it is also the source of a great and evil sorcerous knowledge which may yet gain mastery over the western world.

TOMBALKU (Small Kingdom) -- The vibrant clashing Tombalku culture provides a springboard of energy for expansionist desires. Unless controlled, the white-black conflict in Tombalku may rip the small but powerful Kingdom in two. However, if united and working together, the Tombalku riders, Black spearmen, and White lancers may roll back their bordering nations in a surging red tide!

TURAN (Large Kingdom) -- Gleaming mailed and silken clad riders, masters of the Vilayet Sea, Turan revels in sweeping the barely contested wastelands to the west and south. Turan, however, must bear the plague of a thousand frustrations arising from the seemingly indomitable and ever resurgent Kossaks, Zuagirs, and Vilayet pirates. Perpetually battling raiders and quelling revolts from a hundred pinpricking sources, the rulers of Turan must pass their reign in unceasing watchfulness. Turan is a natural enemy to Iranistan and Vendhya but at the beginning of the epoch stands in loose alliance with Hyrkania.

UTTARA KURU (Medium Kingdom) -- Dismissed as a myth in most regions of the world, Uttara Kuru is a land of ancient magics, misty mountains, dense coastal forest, and the strange, haunting architecture of Uttara Kuru City. The people of this Kingdom are fanatically loyal in defense of their homeland. Ancient enemy of great Vendhya, the people of Uttara Kuru must seek empire to the north and east.

VANAHEIM (Medium Kingdom) -- The red haired Vanir are isolated in the northwest and their mailed swordsmen perforce must vent their warlike natures on their Asgardian kin to the east, the savage Picts to the south, or less often upon grim Cimmeria to the southeast. Many a hero of the Hyborian Age was of the Vanir and warriors of Vanaheim are known to be utterly fearless in combat.

VENDHYA (Large Kingdom) -- Vendhya is an ancient and proud Kingdom, ruled by the Kashatriyan warrior caste and has wizards adept with their own peculiar range of magics. Vendhya is pent up in the north by the savage and virtually unconquerable Ghulistan tribesmen. To the west lies Kosala, made unassailable by the well forged intermarriages between the two Kingdoms. To the east broods Uttara Kuru whose silver tongued diplomats and arrogant wizards have long held the weight of Vendhya at bay. As the huge Vendhyan host continues to swell in size, like a bubble it must burst forth into empire and the day of Vendhyan glory.

ZAMORA (Medium Kingdom) -- Zamora is a land of spider haunted towers and master thieves. The Zamoran army is adequate (Conan called them poltroons), but it is their spies and long lived wizards upon which Zamora relies. What King not departed from his sanity will risk the intrigues of Zamora or worse yet her assassins? Zamora may indeed follow a shadowy path to world mastery with the aid of spells long forgotten and knives which strike swiftly in the dark!

ZEMBABWEI (Medium Kingdom) -- A growing power in the southlands, vital Zembabwei is well led and armed. The Zembabwei command great flying reptiles found only in Zembabwei heartland. These soaring winged mounts strike terror into the hearts of all who behold them. The Zembabwei age of power has just dawned in the days of Conan.

ZINGARA (Medium Kingdom) -- The most powerful sea raiders next to their Argossean rivals, the Zingarans are active supporters of the Zingaran buccaneers (pirates by any other name). Zingara is a proud and rich land, though often torn by civil strife and bitter feuds between powerful members of its nobility. A strong succession of kings and carefully calculated expansion could easily see Zingara as master of the western world -- land and sea.
Imperial Conquest in the Age of Conan
Now you can live the most powerful legend of them all. HYBORlAN WAR is a Play-By-Mail game where you control the destiny of the Hyborian Age of Conan. Aquilonia with her Black Dragon knights, slumbering Stygia gathering her wizards, the fantastically helmed armies of Kambulja in the east. Any one of these kingdoms is yours to rule, or choose from over thirty others -- unique and authentically recreated from the Conan series.

The absolute gripping power of this world can be yours. Send forth your lords and generals to lead the armies of invasion. Send forth your heroes to adventure, your spies to kidnap nobles, steal secrets, and assassinate your enemies! Decree the policies of your land, giving your subjects good government or bad. Call upon your priests to speak the wisdom of prophecy and council. Command the sorcerous incantations of wizards. Indeed, the tide of war may turn upon their arcane magics. Rule and Conquer! It is an age of empire and the jeweled thrones of the earth await you.

Kingdom Set-Up Reports
Aquilonia Amazonia Argos Asgard
Border Kingdom Brythunia Cimmeria Corinthia
Darfar Hyperborea Hyrkania Iranistan
Juma's Kingdom Kambulja Keshan Khauran
Khitai Khoraja Kosala Koth
Kusan Kush Nemedia Ophir
Pictland Punt Shem Stygia
Tombalku Turan Uttara Kuru Vanaheim
Vendhya Zamora Zembabwei Zingara
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All 36 Kingdom Set-up Reports in a single zipped file

War Plans
Aquilonia Amazonia Argos Asgard
Border Kingdom Brythunia Cimmeria Corinthia
Darfar Hyperborea Hyrkania Iranistan
Juma's Kingdom Kambulja Keshan Khauran
Khitai Khoraja Kosala Koth
Kusan Kush Nemedia Ophir
Punt Shem Stygia
Tombalku Turan Uttara Kuru Vanaheim
Vendhya Zamora Zembabwei Zingara
War Plans for Hyborian War shall be posted as they become available.

RSI's Rulebook for Hyborian War
GrimFinger's Searchable Rulebook for Hyborian War

Blank Command Sheets
Blank Command Sheets for all 36 kingdoms (For issuing turn orders)

Imperial Troop Types
Mike Persyn's list of Imperial Troop Types for Hyborian War

Player Aides
Harry Tennison's HyWar Extreme
Steve Smith's Hyborian Commander
Hyborian Commander Document File

Hyborian Map Gallery

Map showing the Non-Player Kingdom provinces in the southwest corner of the Hyborian War map.
Individual Player Kingdoms of Hyborian War
Hyborian War Wall Map
Aurelian's NPK Map
GrimFinger's NPK Map
Wealth Map
GrimFinger's Southwest Corner NPK Map

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Non-Player Kingdom Info
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Scripts For Organizing Games
Randomizer Script # 1 (Assigns Players to Kingdoms)
Randomizer Script # 2 (Assigns Sign-Ups to Numerical Choices)
Randomizer Script # 3 (Assigns Sign-Ups to Player Numbers)

Hyborian War End Game Maps
HW-474 Ended on turn # 44
HW-483 Ended on turn # 30
HW-488 Ended on turn # 31
HW-518 Ended on turn # 41
HW-546 Ended on turn # 34
HW-547 Ended on turn # 30
HW-557 Ended on turn # 39
HW-558 Ended on turn # 44
HW-568 Ended on turn # 37
HW-569 Ended on turn # 29
HW-579 Ended on turn # 41
HW-606 Ended on turn # 43
HW-624 Ended on turn # 35
HW-631 Ended on turn # 39
HW-664 Ended on turn # 44
HW-669 Ended on turn # 39
HW-693 Ended on turn # 46
HW-695 Ended on turn # 39
HW-699 Ended on turn # 31
Hyborian War end game maps are courtesy of Mike Persyn.

The Hyborian War wall map that players use to play the game with.
The Hyborian War wall map that players use to play the game with.
The Hyborian War wall map that players use to play the game with.

The Hyborian War wall map that players use to play the game with.

Province Details
A compilation of information about provinces.
Hyborian War Province Details
Suspense & Decision
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Terrablood's PBM Archives
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The Road of Kings is the largest gathering of Hyborian War players to be found on the Internet. It is a website and forum operated by Crom (Lloyd Barron) located at:

Hyborian War

Kingdom Spotlights

Amazonia by Bytor of the Snowdogs

Amazonia by Ravenous

Aquilonia by Brian Claiche

Aquilonia by Brent Ross

Aquilonia by Bukharajones

Argos by General Tzu

Argos by General Tzu

Argos by Mic Duggan

Asgard by Bukharajones

Asgard by Ryan Love

Border Kingdom by Arclight

Border Kingdom by Lloyd Barron

Border Kingdom by Ragnar

Brythunia by Bradford Fisher

Brythunia by Brent Ross

Brythunia by Chris Krawciw

Brythunia by Steve Smith

Cimmeria by General Tzu

Corinthia by Steve Smith

Darfar by Bradford Fisher

Darfar by Chris MacDougall

Darfar by Zebhu_Varkon

Eastern Shemish Nations by Chris MacDougall

Hyperborea by Chris Krawciw

Hyrkania by General Tzu

Iranistan by Bradford Fisher

Iranistan by C. Chance Litton

Iranistan by Clay Fette

Hyrkania by High Priest of Crom

Iranistan by John Briggs

Juma's Kingdom by Bradford Fisher

Juma's Kingdom by Brent Ross

Kambulja by Kirk Dymbrowski

Keshan by Bradford Fisher

Keshan by Ryan Love

Khauran by Steve Smith

Khitai by General Tzu

Khitai by Joe Naftali

Khoraja by Justin Kohlman

Khoraja by King Cormac

Khoraja by Paul Mureiko

Kosala by Bradford Fisher

Kosala by Snake

Kosala by Unknown

Koth by Lloyd Barron

Koth by Bradford Fisher

Kusan by Brian DiGiovanni

Kush by Steve Smith

Nemedia by JD

Nemedia by Paul Mureiko

Ophir by Glenn Uren

Ophir by the High Priest of Crom

Pictland by Joe Bradshaw

Pictland by General Tzu

Punt by Joe Bradshaw

Punt by Paul Mureiko

Shem by Brent Ross

Shem by General Tzu

Shem by the High Priest of Crom

Stygia by GrimFinger

Tombalku by Jesse Taylor

Turan by Anthony Edwards

Turan by GrimFinger

Turan by Scott Luttrell

Turan by Sirenia

Uttara Kuru by Lloyd Barron

Vanaheim by the High Priest of Crom

Vendhya by Luca Fernandez

Vendhya by Bradford Fisher

Vendhya by Steve Hinkley

Vendhya by Brian Sears

Vendhya by Zebhu Varkon

Vendhya by the Zen Master

Zamora by Chris Krawciw

Zamora by Jerome McIntyre

Zembabwei by Chris Garos

Zembabwei by General Tzu

Zingara by Chris Krawciw

Zingara by Kirk Dymbrowski

Conan the Barbarian image that first appeared in magazine ads for Hyborian War in the 1980s.

Temple of the God-Queen

Hyborian War: How to get the most from your characters

Hyborian War Winners List

The Hyborian Art of War

Battle Tactics for Hyborian War

A Brief Analysis of Mega-Alliances

KOTH: The Case for Change

KOTH: The Case for Tsotha-lanti

Magic: A Quick Reference for the Different Kinds of Magic in Hyborian War

Magic: Tracing the Origins of Magic in Hyborian War

The Most Powerful Magic Users of Hyborian War

Hyborian War Character Matrix # 1

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