HYPERBOREA (Large Kingdom) -- Cold and heartless, Hyperborea is ruled by grim, gaunt, albino nobles and by the sorcerously powerful witch- women. Safe within their high stone keeps on the snowy Hyperborean plain, the Hyperboreans wield power far beyond their meager resources and small army. Fortress of arcane power in the north, Hyperborea is a spiteful foe to Aquilonia and quite possibly the most dangerous Kingdom of the Hyborian Age.


Know, O Lord of the blood, the history and the greatness of thy people. In those days ofold, the cold, bleak lands upon which Hyperborea now stands were doubtless more mild and productive. It seems each winter is colder than the last.

The first kingdom of Hyperborea was called Hyperborea the Eldar and rose into being some three thousand years ago. The Eldar Hyperboreans were the first to build with stone. The huge stone keeps which they erected upon the snowy plains gave them a tremdenous edge over their wandering Hyborian kinsmen. And in time Eldar Hyperborea became a great empire. Most of the Hyborians that they vanquished chose to migrate to the south rather than live in the thrall of our imperious nobles. These migrations were to cause major turmoil in the south and speed the fall and reformation of many a kingdom.

During that thousand year reign, blond savages in the north became increasingly more numerous and warlike, but they were ever thrown back from the stone keeps of our kingdom. The Nordheimers then began to vent their aggressions upon the Hyborians to their south, further stimulating the migration of the Hyborian tribes southward. Constant warfare with the blond Nordheimer weakened Eldar Hyperborea, until at last - - in a wave of invasion from migrating Hyborian tribes - - the empire fell, and over a period of five hundred years the new kingdom of Hyperborea was driven back by the Nordheimer savages to its present western boundaries. Later, a surge of vitality arose from the younger and revitalized Hyperborea and once again we began to hold back the warriors of that race which now inhabits the kingdom of Asgard.

These last five hundred years thy Hyperborean people have grown frigid and cruel, turning increasingly to the ways of sorcery to battle the continual onslaughts from Asgard, and to protect against the rising power of Turan in the east. Perhaps sorcery is the only way to battle the ice which has continued to creep into the land and into the hearts of thy people.

Over the last one hundred years Hyperborea has become increasingly arrogant. We of Hyperborea now look upon the world with a contemptuous eye and know ourselves for a superior race. Once fair of form and feature, the Hyperborean nobles are now for the most part albinos, grim, gaunt, and filled with hatred for the world around them. Perhaps hate is now the fire which provides the only warmth in our cold land. Thy people hate and are contemptuous of Asgard, they hate (while secretly fearing) the Hyrkanian kingdoms, they have till now lived in only uneasy peace with Brythunia, they admire the evil of Zamora while still coveting its lands, and seethe with a malicious hatred for the power of Aquilonia. This legacy is thy inheritance; to such wert thou born to rule. Heed well my words, Great One, and I will report to thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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