JUMA'S KlNGDOM (Small Kingdom) -- The warriors of Kulalo receive archer training in the Turanian fashion and thus stand out as the finest archers in any of the Black Kingdoms. Juma's Kingdom is relatively unbeleaguered in early years and can look to the north and south coastlines for easy expansion. The black corsairs of the Southern Isles have become natural enemies over many a skirmish and raid. Under skillful control, Juma's Kingdom can quickly emerge as a major power in the southern world.


Hear me, thou who dreams to rule the empire which Juma built, as I speak of thy people, and thy history. Thy people are a proud race, direct descendants of the tribe of Damballah, the first man. As an old race, we are wary of new customs and change, but praise be to our gods, Juma taught us the way of the Eastern bowmen. Now we are both a proud and great kingdom!

Before great Juma's arrival we were a weak people, fit to be slaves for the Amazonians, Black Kingdoms, and white slave traders. But Juma came and taught us the ways to be strong, and now we have white, black, and even Amazonian slaves!

We are mighty! It is our destiny to overrun all those who once dominated us. From our great capitol city of Kulalo we will conquer and rule the southern world! Now listen well as I speak of the land which thy father has left to thee.

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