KHORAJA (Small Kingdom) -- Blessed with excellent leadership, a highly diverse and well trained army, a fertile land, and a location central to the rich southern and eastern trade routes, Khoraja is powerful beyond its tiny size. Wizards and priests capable of calling upon unearthly aid are not unknown in Khoraja. Situated over the fractured eastern Shemish Kingdoms, Khoraja stands at the gates of empire IF through wisdom and cunning Shem, Stygia, and Turan can be held at bay. As the epoch begins, Koth and Khauran stand firmly allied with Khoraja.


Listen, my Lady, and I will tell thee of thy forefathers, thy kingdom, and thy heritage.

When the Hybori overthrew that evil of Acheron, they founded many kingdoms in its ruins. Our proud forebears began the Kothic empire. Perhaps among all the Hyborian people, the Kothic nature runs most towards adventure, as countless Kothic noblemen have wandered into the wilderness, never to return. Some actually succeeded in carving out empires to rule. Thy royal sires were such a group who traveled southeast. There they found a gentle people working a rich farmland, but ruled by Shemish men-at-arms. They defeated the Shemites and in time came to rule both farmers and Shemites, thus founding the tiny kingdom of Khoraja.

Koth waxed in power and might, and for a time Khoraja was but a province. The wealth of many trade routes from the south is channeled through her offices, however, and it was through wise manipulation of those that independence was restored for Khoraja. (Perhaps recent setbacks for Koth in western Shem might also have had some small effect).

Today Khoraja remains a rich kingdom, coveted as ever by Koth as well as the Shemites. It is easily defensible, however, ringed as it is by hills, and can afford to be not too well loved by its Shemite enemies of old. Remember always, royal sire, where thy power comes from, and forget not that it can only be maintained with the same diligence. Now listen, as I tell of the length and the breadth of thy kingdom.

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