KUSH (Medium Kingdom) -- The semi-civilized Black Kingdom of most common knowledge among people of the Hyborian nations is Kush. Proud Kush is seldom raided, the Stygians usually preferring to take their slaves from weaker Darfar or Keshan. Kush in Conan's time is a Kingdom teetering on the road to empire ... or ruin. Good Kings must be fostered lest poor leadership allow the Kingdom to fall into unrest and rebellion.


Listen, proud Lord of noble lineage, and I will tell thee the history of mighty Kush. Thy forefathers were mighty warriors of Stygia who conquered the Zabhela and Zuad tribes and established our copper-sheathed capitol amid the central savannah. Through these thousands of years has our noble family, infused with blood of kings and princes of various black tribes, held the wild Kushish tribesmen at bay, holding back civilization with one hand, and wielding the sword of rule with the other.

Today we cast a long shadow in the Hyborian world. Stygia respects us grudgingly, and we have added the southern Kushish Tribelands to the empire. It is here that we recuit many of our best archers! Word comes that Tombalku has awakened once again in the east and regained its powers. Let it be; they remain but a minor threat! We rule Kush, and none may assail us. Now listen as I unfold to thee the length and breadth of thy land.

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