NEMEDIA (Large Kingdom) -- Nemedia, the central pillar of Hyborian culture and civilization stands ever in defiance to their habitual foes, mighty Aquilonia. The gleaming Nemedian knights are rightly proud for their army which is as diverse as it is deadly. Nemedia may well extend an empire without limit ... IF they can stop the hosts of Aquilonia.


Listen, O Lord of the Scarlet Dragon, and I shall read the chronicles of Nemedia's birth. The Nemedian lands were, of old, a part of Acheron, that cursed sister empire to Stygia. Migrating southward, our proud Hybori forebears were cruelly set upon by the evil that was Acheron and thrown alive into the fire of Set, the Arch-Demon of the purple-towered Python. But we banded together in large war tribes, and the kingdom of Nemedia was born, Hyborian high kings and war chiefs learning warfare at the hands of Acheron Iron Legions.

After two thousand years of striving we crushed our foes. We left no two stones of that great, evil city standing together! In the aftermath, half our folk traveled west in pursuit of Acheronian survivors and founded Aquilonia. Our own ancestors founded Nemedia amid rich croplands and orchards, creating the first Hyborian kingdom the world had seen.

For hundreds of years thereafter we fought off our own kin, driven south jupon us by the Hyperborean expansion, and sometimes by wild blond reavers from the far north. Finally they penetrated our lands into Ophir, Koth, and Corinthia, displacing the Acheron vassal states still there.

We waxed strong and grew in wisdom, in time surpassing all other nations in science and scholarship as we became the pillar of Hyborian culture and achievement. So we remain to this day. Aquilonia has since begun to covet all that we possess, and makes claims upon our borders. Throughout our history, we have waged intermittent battles to the death with this, our western neighbor. We have camped at Tarantia's gates, and Aquilonians are not strangers to our soil. We have had much peace, but we have also always known that only one of our two kingdoms can rise to dominance in the western world. Thou must make certain that the ultimate victor is Nemedia, young one!

Thy forefathers have found great utility in the Border Kingdom as a buffer state. We have quietly supported it to protect against the wild Cimmerians, Asgardians, and Hyperboreans. The continuance of the Border Kingom has become part of our national policy. Bear that in mind, Great One, along with the need for dealing, someday, with the threat that is Aquilonia. Now listen well as I reveal the length and breadth of Nemedia, land of the Scarlet Dragon.

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