PUNT (Small Kingdom) -- The barbaric splendor of the Kingdom which is Punt is based upon the bright yellow gold washed down off the central hills. Hereditary enemies of Keshan, Punt must also mistrust the growing power of Zembabwei. If these two foes can be kept at bay, and if a trade route can be established to the gold hungry markets of the Hyborian world, then Punt may well emerge as supreme among the Black Kingdoms.


Know, my Lord, of the history and heritage of thy people. We are Puntish as we have been from the dawn of time. Long ago, we became favored of the the goddess Nebethet, who led our people north to this blessed land that we now inhabit. Here we have grown strong. We have built our palaces in brick as the size of our kingdom has expanded with each generation. Our people are good warriors, and our rules wise. We are a people born to greatness even though our land is wedged between Keshan, with whom we have warred for generations, and the growing might of Zembabwei. The source of our civilization, and hope of our empire, lies within the gold hills of our central province. There, gold dust washes down clear icy streams, and thence into the Royal Treasury!

In recent years we have often defeated Keshan, but Zembabwei continues to gather her strength. It is from Zembabwei that our prophets have seen the greatest danger. We needs must keep the danger of our neighbors at bay, while establishing trade routes to the gold-hungry markets of the Hyborian west, for then our wealth and power will be unmatched in the southern world! Heed now well my words, my Leige, as I report to thee of the present state of thy new kingdom.

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