STYGIA (Large Kingdom) -- Slumbering in her desert retreats, protected behind the mighty and brooding Styx river, lies Stygia. The Stygian army is never without the backing of wizards well versed in black battle magics, most often of the priesthood of Set. The ancient culture of Stygia is in decline, revolving in malignance about itself but it is also the source of a great and evil sorcerous knowledge which may yet gain mastery over the western world.


Know, my Lord, of the beginning of time and of Stygia. Once long ago, our forbears  lived far to the east on the shores of the Eastern Ocean, a people ancienta nd wise even then in the youth of this age. These, our fathers, ruled an empire beyond measure, taking as their servants uncounted numbers of Lemurians. The Lemurians were a homeless race, smashed by the Great Cataclysm which had brought low many of the mighty in their era, and seemed well suited to their servitude.

Lo, on one bitter day these Lemurians turned mad and began slaying their masters across the length and breadth of the land. One legion alone of our elders' brightly shining armies survived the onslaught, and with these brave warriors our direct forefathers traveled the entire length on the continent until at last they came to the great river Styx. Here they found the land to be good, and our people began to claim it for their own.

Some of our kin migrated farther north, to the empire of Acheron, whose evil power was to dominate the northwestern world for thousands of years. Thy Stygian people crossed the river Styx and began to contest for the land which we now call home with a pre-human race - - a race of man and snake. These snake men were great warriors and held much ancient knowledge. The battle for the land was long and hard until we finally prevailed. In the aftermath of war, our fathers began to rebuild the cities they had torn down and to delve deeply into the black secrets which the ancient race had left behind. When at last out people began to worship the very god upon whom our snakelike foes had called in vain, the deeper mysteries of the Black Ring were revealed and great power became ours. Praise be to Set!

During all this time our kindred, Acheron, had grown strong in the north and then their power waned as wild Hyborian tribes crashed upon her northern borders. For a thousand years Acheron's power slowly weakened under the hammer blows of the Hyborian hordes. As Acheron weakened, Stygia expanded, taking up the void of lands vacated by Acheron' armies as they were called up to fight in the north. This we came to rule an empire which encompassed all of Shem, eastern Koth, Zamboula, and much of the eastern desert.

Sister Acheron was broken at last. The Hyborian tribes utterly consumed her in fire and sword. In time our fathers were forced to retreat back behind the brooding Styx river that today forms our northern border.

In the thousands of years in which we have dwelt in this land we have adventured much and taken many slaves in raids upon the black kingdoms. Never have our people been plentiful and always has ur land been parched. Our strength lies in Set, with whose power we are invincible.

Lo, we have gathered our strength through the generations, holding our silent counsel even when the upstart Turanians separated Zamboula from our power. The time of empire is nearly upon us (once more) as indeed the entire world is torn by war and visions of imperial ambition. May Set grant that we are equal to the tasks ahead! Heed well now my words, Great One, and I will report to thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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