TOMBALKU (Small Kingdom) -- The vibrant clashing Tombalku culture provides a springboard of energy for expansionist desires. Unless controlled, the white-black conflict in Tombalku may rip the small but powerful Kingdom in two. However, if united and working together, the Tombalku riders, Black spearmen, and White lancers may roll back their bordering nations in a surging red tide!


Know, O Lord of the royal blood, of the heritage and history of thy people. Thou art a son of mighty Shem. Thy forefathers pushed south through the evil of Stygia even as the Stygians warred with the horrid snake men which inhabited their land in those days long ago. Thy white forefathers founded Tombalku, forging the black tribes into a powerful kingdom, the might of which rivaled even the young kingdom of Stygia in that time.

Lo, but our beloved Tombalku faltered upon the rock of racial hatred as our black people began to demand more and more power for their kind. In a moment of weakness, our forefathers created a dual kingship. No longer did one king rule in Tombalku, rather there were two, one white and one black. Since that day so many thousands of years ago, the fortunes of Tombalku have risen and fallen just as the sand of our desert land is lifted from one point to the next by the sweep of the wind.

The past generations have been good and many Tibu, Borni, and Bigharma tribesmen have come to serve you. Perhaps even the homelands of these tribes may soon fall under our sway. Know, Great One, that only through control of the southern trade routes can Tombalku hope to gain power. And most of all, the black-white tension of the kingdom must be kept under control with wise rule, else the power of Tombalku will fade once again. There is much to learn and much to plan. Heed well my words, my Leige, as I report to thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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