TURAN (Large Kingdom) -- Gleaming mailed and silken clad riders, masters of the Vilayet Sea, Turan revels in sweeping the barely contested wastelands to the west and south. Turan, however, must bear the plague of a thousand frustrations arising from the seemingly indomitable and ever resurgent Kossaks, Zuagirs, and Vilayet pirates. Perpetually battling raiders and quelling revolts from a hundred pinpricking sources, the rulers of Turan must pass their reign in unceasing watchfulness. Turan is a natural enemy to Iranistan and Vendhya but at the beginning of the epoch stands in loose alliance with Hyrkania.


Listen, young Shah, to the heritage and history of thy people and the kingdom which thou wast born to rule. Thy people are of the Hyrkanian race, children of horse and bow, the tribe of Turan. A thousand years ago thy forefathers swept southwest along the shores of the Vilayet Sea and then north along the Vilayet's western shore, where they came to rest and founded the mighty kingdom of Turan. Of the time before then there are only legends, speaking of an oceanic empire called Lemuria, and an ancient and hated dominator cast down millenia after a Great Cataclysm.

Swiftly have we become more civilized than our Hyrkanian kindred whom we left behind us in the east, becoming builders, scholars, diplomats, and makers of many things. We have tamed the Vilayet Sea with our proud fleet, and our swift armies have on occasion probed as far west as Zamboula, Arenjun, an d the Hyperbor Valley. We hold sway over the trade routes of the world, in the Vilayet Sea and on the Ilbars Steppe.

How swiftly we have surpassed our ignorant Hyrkanian kin, and now our destiny is clear before us: to rule all the land from the sea to the Hyborian kingdoms, perhaps even to the oceans beyond! Heed well now my words, O Shah, as I report to the of the present state of thy new kingdom.

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