UTTARA KURU (Medium Kingdom) -- Dismissed as a myth in most regions of the world, Uttara Kuru is a land of ancient magics, misty mountains, dense coastal forest, and the strange, haunting architecture of Uttara Kuru City. The people of this Kingdom are fanatically loyal in defense of their homeland. Ancient enemy of great Vendhya, the people of Uttara Kuru must seek empire to the north and east.


Know, my Lord, of the heritage and history of thy people. Uttara Kuru is an ancient kingdom. Our histories record as far back as the Great Cataclysm which rocked the world's foundations and changed the face of the earth over seven thousand years ago. Our origins are humble.

Our people began as simple cave dwellers high upon the mountains of mist, keeping ever to themselves and the seclusion of the high reaches. We have ever kept our own counsel and remained apart from other kingdoms. We trust in our own ways and magic, knowledge which was old when Vendhya was but a wandering tribe in the ancient lands to the south. We rade but little with the outside world and only with the people of Meru, who, like us, prefer to remain apart from the other kingdoms of the earth.

Over the centuries, neighboring Vendhya has grown great in power and her Kshatriyan warriors dream of enslaving our ancient home. But we are the great Nobles of Uttara Kuru! Our greatest magic is the magic of speech and persuasion. For thousands of years we have kept the invasion armies of Vendhya at bay through our magic and our diplomats. Heed well now my words, Great One, as I report to thee in full on the present state of thy new kingdom.

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