VENDHYA (Large Kingdom) -- Vendhya is an ancient and proud Kingdom, ruled by the Kashatriyan warrior caste and has wizards adept with their own peculiar range of magics. Vendhya is pent up in the north by the savage and virtually unconquerable Ghulistan tribesmen. To the west lies Kosala, made unassailable by the well forged intermarriages between the two Kingdoms. To the east broods Uttara Kuru whose silver tongued diplomats and arrogant wizards have long held the weight of Vendhya at bay. As the huge Vendhyan host continues to swell in size, like a bubble it must burst forth into empire and the day of Vendhyan glory.


Know, O Lord, of the heritage and history of thy people. The Vendhyan sub-continent is an ancient land, and there have been great races and civilizations in the land to the south of the Himelians for over ten thousand years! Our people, the Vendhya, began their rise to power in the south, in the Ancient Lands, some three thousand years ago. We swept aside all foes before us and came to control all of the south. In another one thousand years we established Ayodhya and then pushed on to Peskhauri, under the very lip of the Himelians. We have never been a prolific race but we are now the greatest empire in the entire world! Our people are content, there is land and comfort for all, they are well ruled by the Nobles, and the Hyrkanians who desire our lands have no power against our Kshatryian armies.

But of the future our prophets tell us that an age of empire will rock the earth and that we the Vendhya must also be swept up in the rage of war. Else our fast-growing population will first starve, and then later be crushed under the heels of foreign armies who will slaughter all before them.

To our west lies Kosala, who has ever been our ally, both because of similar culture and because of the many intermarriages which exist between their royal houses and ours. Northwards, the Ghulistan mountain tribes have no reason to love us. Our fathers have deceived them too often and and now their hatred of our race is implacable. To the east, mysterious Uttara Kuru is neither friend nor foe. Her diplomats have skirted conflict with our Vendhyan armies for centuries. Heed well now my words, Great One, and I will report to thee of the present state of thy kingdom.

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