ZAMORA (Medium Kingdom) -- Zamora is a land of spider haunted towers and master thieves. The Zamoran army is adequate (Conan called them poltroons), but it is their spies and long lived wizards upon which Zamora relies. What King not departed from his sanity will risk the intrigues of Zamora or worse yet her assassins? Zamora may indeed follow a shadowy path to world mastery with the aid of spells long forgotten and knives which strike swiftly in the dark!


Know, O Lord of the Spider Realm, of the heritage and history of thy people. We, the Zhemri, are an ancient race. Our forefathers drew breath in those same days when the Valusian Empire was great and Kull the Conqueror walked the earth. Seven thousand years ago the world was rocked by a Great Cataclysm which changed the face of the earth and threw down the cities of our fathers into ruins. Unlike the Valusians, we survived the Cataclysm; we survived the earth's torment as a united people, and together we began the slow climb back to civilization.

Two thousand years passed after the Cataclysm until, from out of the east, there came a kindred to the Stygians to raise up the ancient and evil empire of Acheron. Our people, like so many others of that day, were enslaved to the might of Acheron as a vassal state in her far-flung borders. Like all other things, we survived this with cunning, and when, another two thousand years later, Acheron was naught but ruins, as flames danced upon her purple towers and Hyborian tribesmen from the north put the empire to the sword, we began to rebuild our culture and civilization.

In another thousand years the western world had been forged into the Hyborian kingdoms of the present. Aquilonia, Nemedia, Argos, and Koth had risen from the conquest of Acheron, as had Brythunia (where the nobles of Acheron had fled), and Corinthia. During the centuries we had learned that cunning was superior to strength of arms. Ever had we survived with intrigue what soldiers could not contest. So when the long-awaited invasions first came from out of Brythunia and Corinthia, we turned them back easily with the combined efforts of sword, magic, and guile.

A thousand years ago, the Turanians swept into our lives, their wild horsemen crashing into the very gates of Arenjun. That time they were driven off, but since their establishment of the Turanian empire, they have made no secret of their desire for our ancient land.

The Kezankian mountains are at once a source of protection and a cause for dismay. The wild Kezankian tribesmen have never been easily dislodged from their mountain crags, either by Turan, or by our people. My Leige, thy people are small in stature, but wise and quick! We are rightfully proud that our thieves and spies are the best in the world. Our diplomats are among the finest, and our great wizards search the entire breadth of the world for new and greater magics with which to add glory unto themselves and the name of Zamora! Heed well now my words, Great One, and I will report in full on the present state of thy new kingdom.

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