ZEMBABWEI (Medium Kingdom) -- A growing power in the southlands, vital Zembabwei is well led and armed. The Zembabwei command great flying reptiles found only in Zembabwei heartland. These soaring winged mounts strike terror into the hearts of all who behold them. The Zembabwei age of power has just dawned in the days of Conan.


Know, O Lord, of the history and glory of thy people. Long ago our people were of the Kohaka tribes. Pressed by many warriors, we fled our original homeland to settle in the jungle land of what is now called Ancient Zembabwei. There we found a ruined and crumbling city, made by the hands of a race which had come before us. Of our mysterious predecessors, nothing else remained.

This city we carefully rebuil for our home, and it was there that we first found and tamed the mighty Wyverns which carry us about on the winds like the very gods themselves! With the aid of these huge flying reptiles we swiftly expanded our empire until now fully three million souls look to the king of Zembabwei for their rule.

We are indeed the most powerful of the kingdoms of the southern world. Our wealth is also great, based upon trade which flows from our capitol in the north by caravan, across the burning sands, to Turan and the Hyborian kingdoms. Our heritage and our dream lie to the south and west among our own kind, whom we are destined to rule over. Heed well now my words, Great One, as I report to thee of the present state of thy new kingdom.

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