ZINGARA (Medium Kingdom) -- The most powerful sea raiders next to their Argossean rivals, the Zingarans are active supporters of the Zingaran buccaneers (pirates by any other name). Zingara is a proud and rich land, though often torn by civil strife and bitter feuds between powerful members of its nobility. A strong succession of kings and carefully calculated expansion could easily see Zingara as master of the western world -- land and sea.


Know, O young Lord of the blood, of the history and heritage of thy kingdom. Our lineage is ancient and noble, extending back to the earliest of our sires, Shemish adventurers who had trekked half the length of the world before they discovered the Zingg Vallery and called it home. These first settlers planted crops and vines while raising cattle and building their first rude cities. The most remarkable occurrence in our history arose when a tribe of migrating Picts swept into the Zingg Valley, not to slay and burn as is their usual want, but to settle and rule.

Today most of the Zingaran nobility still retain the fiery wash of Pictish blood in their veins. Under the new Pictish lords, the land thrived and life was simple, but good for a period of one thousand years. To our east, the might empire of Acheron rose and fell, but her evil Wizards and great armies seldom dared to enter our well-forested lands. Acheron was borne down in flames by Hyborian tribes migrating from out of the north, and from its ashes arose the kingdoms of Aquilonia, Nemedia, Argos, and in time all of the great Hyborian kingdoms.

Much blood of the original Hybori has also found its way into Zingara, for we had Hyborian forebearers who advanced through the already settled regions of Aquilonia to rage into the Zingg Valley. How great was the battle when the two sides of our ancient heritage fought! Although the Hyborians were victorious in time over the original Zingg Valley settlers, they had come to respect the people of the valley and they, in turn, chose to rule rather than destroy what they had found.

Zingara prospered unto the present day. Now we are a great kingdom both upon the land and upon the sea. We are a proud people and with good reason. Argos is our rival upon the seas, but on tland they are of little concern to us. The Picts we have always understood at least as well as, if not better than, the Hyborian kingdoms, and they tend to plague us less often than they do their hated foes in Aquilonia. Aquilonia we mistrust. It has grown too fast and too strong. Poitain is more Zingaran by heritage and culture and we like not this joining of Poitain with Aquilonia! Heed well now my words, my Lord, and I will report to thee of the present state of thy new kingdom.

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