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Darfar (DARF) #42 through #44
Darfar (DARF) - Provinces #42 through #44 - Player Kingdom

DARFAR (Small Kingdom) -- The sharply filed teeth of the Darfar savages haunt the dreams of even the boldest warriors who have faced them in screaming battle. Actually composed of a various mix of tribes, the Ghanatan and the northern Tibu tribes foremost amongst them. Darfar gains its name from the scattered cannibalistic grassland tribes which most often provide the drive and leadership for empire.


Know, O Lord of Darfar, that thy people are an ancient and terrible race, descendants of great warriors and hunters. Thy kingdom consists of a loosely forged alliance between three major ethic groups, the fierce Ghanatan warriors, the Black Tibu horsemen, and the mixed savage tribes of the Darfar grasslands. The Ghanatan and the Tibue are of mixed black and Stygian blood. Of the Tibue tribes, not all have sworn allegiance to Darfar and some serve Tombalku. The entirely black Darfar grassland tribes are barbaric. They file their teeth, eat human flesh, and dress their hair with mud to build up hornlike coiffures.

The Stygians have raided into Darfar for thousands of years, but have remained unable to conquer the land. In recent years the raiding has increased and many are the people of the Darfar grasslands who toil as slave sin Luxur, Khemi, Zamboula and among the more southerly Hyborian kingdoms.

Yet still the travail has not been enough to forge the three races into a completely unified nation. Thy people see themselves as first members of their tribe, and only secondarily as members of the Darfar kingdom. A great monarch is needed to arouse the passions of the people into a powerful force. Heed well my words, Great One, as I report to thee of the present state of thy kingdom.

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