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Iranistan (IRAN) #58 through #67
Iranistan (IRAN) - Provinces #58 through #67 - Player Kingdom

IRANISTAN (Medium Kingdom) -- The golden land south of the Ilbars mountains is widely, albeit sparsely inhabited. Ancient and rich, Iranistan uses the Kossaks and the Ilbars hillmen as border defenses to turn back the swift horse-archers of their long standing foes in Turan and Hyrkania. When forced to do battle the well trained Iranistani army is as good as any in the world of Hyboria.


Hear me, my Lord, thee who rules an ancient and wise race from thy golden capitol of Anshan. During the ages since great Acheron fell, while Stygia's power waned, it was tiny Iranistan who slowly, wisely expanded her borders to the current size.

Iranistan's wealth is beyond compare, but it is ancient, hoarded wealth and must be used with discretion. Thy lands are for the most part unremarkable, and of only modest value. Thy cultural traditions also allow thee to tax thy various provinces only lightly. Thy population has grown, but there is still plenty of unclaimed farming and grazing land within thy borders, thus, thy people are not eager for expansion. Such boorishness has been the policy of Iranistan. We have en dured with patience where other kingdoms burgeoned with ambition and a generation later blew away with the first great wind; always this happens, only we have avoided such foolhardiness.

Thy predecessors have watched with concern the westward movement of the Hyrkanians, the Turanians, and of the other Hyrkanian tribes, spawn of Lemuria. They have become a constant threat to thy peaceful kingdom's existence. Be vigilant, Great One, in their direction.

Thine once-feared Horse Warriors have grown slack over the generations, thus thy kingdom today hires barbarian mercenary horsemen as the need arises. However, there is a growing faction in thy court that favors rapid expansion. Thou may choose to follow - - for a prudent interval - - the course they propose with a possibility at least of success. Thou may otherwise choose to follow the course of thy fathers and expand only slowly as the other kingdoms of the world expend their strength in useless gestures.

Heed well my words and I will tell thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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