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Kambulja (KAMB) #69 through #72
Kambulja (KAMB) - Provinces #69 through #72 - Player Kingdom

KAMBULJA (Medium Kingdom) -- Ruled by the god-king of the scarlet circle, deep in jungle girdled Angkhor crouches the hungry Kingdom of Kambulja. The Kambuljans are forever locked in war with neighbouring Khitai whose great wizards, the god-kings also contest on an arcane level. The Kambuljan host fields huge mammoths trained and relied upon to smash the formations of the Khitai in battle.


Listen well, O sanguine Lord of the ancient peoples, and learn well the history, the nature, the present, and the future of thy kingdom. Kambulja is as ancient as the history of man; our venerable forefathers fought with the snakes who walked as men, talked to the creatures of Yag, and walked the earth when it was young: in the forgotten days of Valusia, Kamelia, and Commoria. We survived the Great Cataclysmwhich long ago destroyed the ancient races, and we rebuilt amid the ruins of our cities, creating our beloved capitol of Angkhor. We saw the ignorant Lemurians (those who would in time be called Hyrkanians) rise up and destroy our northern neighbor, and we gave refuge to many of our northern kin in those days.

And years later when the ignorant Lemurians began to migrate west, it was we who helped our kin to rebuild their kingdom, which in time would grow to be called Khitai. We taught the infant Khitrai kingdom some of our ancient wisdom, some of our estimable culture. This they mixed with their own heartless and cruel natures to become the evil which they are today. Later, Khitai began to expand, her kings lusting after our gold, the Khitaian wizards envious of our ancient wisdoms. For thousands of years we have fought their growing might, and these two things we have clearly learned: Khitai will never stop coveting us, and our otherwise peaceful people will not rest until Khitai is utterly crushed, broken beyond reach of any aid from this world (or the world beyond).

Kambulja has rebuilt during the past generation, as internal strife has wracked our Khitaian foe and allowed us time for rest. But now Khitai, too, is rebuilding, and once again her hated armies march to war. Our armies are best used in the dense forest, where our raiders and archers are supreme. But we can fight equally well in the open, where our beloved Kambuljan spear and giant mammoths can batter the arrogant Khitaians to their deaths!

Our destiny is to break Khitai's strength: on that course we will succeed or fall! Heed well my words, O salubrious one, as I tell now of the length and breadth of thy land!

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