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Khitai (KHIT) #79 through #93
Khitai (KHIT) - Provinces #79 through #93 - Player Kingdom

KHITAI (Large Kingdom) -- The ancient empire, stronghold of the world's greatest wizards and masters of the eastern world, Khitai has a powerful army and a sound leadership based in Paikang, Shu-Chen and Ruo-Chen. Khitai is forever at war with Kambulja to the south whose god-kings vie with them for supremacy in the arcane mysteries of the scarlet circle.


Listen, my Lord, the origins of Khitai, the land of the dragon. Long, very long ago, our esteemed ancestors lived in great, shimmering cities on the shores of the Eastern Ocean. In that ocean there dwelt a savage race, the Lemurians, who lived on a chain of islands and excelled too well in warfare. Far to the west were the great empires of Valusia, Commoria, and their sister states. To the south dwelt the Kambuljans, deep within their jungles, an ancient and decadent people even then.

It was over five thousand years ago that our histories record the Great Cataclysm which shook the entire earth like the whipping of a dragon's tail, utterly destroying the western empires and changing the face of the earth. One of these mighty changes was the sinking of the islands of the Lemurians. Many of the Lemurians survived the Cataclysm and gthrew themselves on our mercy. We were merciful, and though they were barbarians, unworthy of attention, our ancient fathers allowed them to be our slaves, and used them to rebuild our own broken cities. We rebuilt our empire, and the Khitai culture reached heights which have never been scaled again.

Meanwhile, the Lemurians proved to be poor slaves, warlike and unable to learn civilized ways. We were forced to be harsh masters, and still they could not learn. For two thousand years we ruled over the Lemurians, and became the greatest civilization the world would ever know. And then that golden age came to a senseless and brutal end. We had come to view the Lemurians as subhuman; they never talked and went about their tasks in a stupid trance. But without warning they turned on us, a mad bestial horde! We slew, and slew, and did not stop. But at last we were pulled down, our fabulous kingdom in ruins, and those who remained were hunted day and night by howling Lemurians. Only one in twenty emerged form that terrible slaughter.

Those of our ancestors who survived fled in two bodies. First many marched west, thousands formed around our few remaining armies, sweeping like a windblown grass fire to the western sea. There they met and crushed a race of snake men, and in time established the great empires of Acheron and Stygia. Our own fathers were of the second group, who fled south to live in exile among the Kambuljans. As the barbaric Lemurians began streaming slowly westward, we fought back into our homeland, armed with Kambuljan weapons, and defeated what Lemurians remained on the eastern coast. To our surprise, some of these proved to be civilized, and we allowed them to join our young kingdom.

Still there roamed the unregenerate Hyrkanians, as the Lemurians now called themselves, to our west, and we were forced to erect huge walls for protection. As the years rolled on, the Hyrkanians flowed ever westward, and we built more walls behind them, for they would rais unceasingly had we not.

Our time in Kambulja taught us the value of arcane lore, and now our wizards are indisputably the greatest in the world. We have built upon the Kambuljans' Secrets of the Scarlet Circle an impregnable defense of magic.

In recent years we have been racked by internal rivalries. This has slowed our expansion and allowed our neighboring Kambuljans to believe that they can match us. This thou must change. Ours is the only true empire born to rule on this continent. Before our iron-shod armies and supreme wizards no kingdom may stand! Hear now my words, and I will report to thee in full on the present state of thy kingdom.

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