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Kosala (KOSA) #95 through #97
Kosala (KOSA) - Provinces #95 through #97 - Player Kingdom

KOSALA (Medium Kingdom) -- The Kosalans are an ancient race, decadent but not grown soft. They are devoted to the worship of the god Yajur and their armies are an arm of their religious organization. The Kosalans are aided by ancient magics and a fanatical if untrained populace ever willing to fight and die in battle. Kosala from of old is tied with Vendhya through intermarriage and treaty and can expect no invasions from that quarter.


Listen, O Lord of the noble blood, and thy heritage will unfold before thee. In the dawn of time, before the rise of Vendhya, when Anshan was but a mud-thatched village, and the Hyrkanians pitched their tents in the far east while warring with Khitai tirelessly, Kosala lived on the earth.

In that time we were a beautiful people, olive skinned, slender, and well formed. In our youth we Kosalans were fierce and warlike, but centuries made us wiser, more relaxed, capable of enjoying life as man was meant to do. Then, still long ago, a brown people invaded from the south, crushing our high walls and burning our fair cities. Many fled west, into Tiazitia, and many more went farther, never to be seen again. But we stayed, and in time rose to dominance as the ruling caste of our now-hybrid people.

Years and years passed, and we fought against, then married with the Vendhyans; to the west Anshan of Iranistan grew to its current golden splendor, and the Hyrkanians migrated west, occasionally raiding our outposts. Our own two cultures have much intermarried, and today Kosalans, save for we rulers, are a large, handsome, golden-skinned race. We of the nobility remain as before. Many years ago we moved our capitol to Yota-Pong, and our seaport to the Kosalan Bay. Here and wherever Kosalans wander, we devoutly worship the god Yajur and dedicate all our works to that name. Now listen as I reveal further the knowledge of the land.

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