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Koth (KOTH) #98 through #104
Koth (KOTH) - Provinces #98 through #104 - Player Kingdom

KOTH (Large Kingdom) -- Pride of the Hyborian south, Koth is known for its armour making skill and adventurous people. The Kothic army is powerful and balanced enough to fight against any army of the Hyborian Age. Both Khauran and Khoraja have formed cultural and economic ties which bind Koth into firm alliance with them during the early years of the epoch.


Hear me, my Lord, as I speak of thy heritage, and the history of thy people. Koth was carved from out of that evil empire of Acheron, many thousands of years ago.

Yea, many Hyborian Swords cut down the arcane might of Acheron, and upon the very heels of her defeat, vassal states of Argos, Ophir, Corinthia, and Koth (then little more than a Khorshemish province) revolted. Nemedia and Aquilonia were made Hyborian kingdoms, and Argos fell to Hyborian conquerors soon after. But, Ophir, Corinthia, and Koth remained independent for hundreds of years, people by a mixed race of Acheronian and Valusian descent. This was a curious time in our history. Finally, however, our Hyborian ancestors surged across these very borders, crushed the remaining vassal states, and threw down the last vestiges of Acheron evil.

Those surviving were put to rebuilding their broken cities; our hot-blooded grandsires had learned to appreciate the rude cities and luxuries afforded by their Hyborian kin in Nemedia and Aquilonia during their forced transmigration. The rebuilding was swift, outpacing even the northern neighbors so recently fled, and Koth as a result has been called by some the first true Hyborian kingdom established. Our people swept east to the Kothian uplands, then in a red tide turned south into the Shemish lands to drive the accursed Stygians south even of the vile river Styx. The Shemite states grew so in power and arrogance under our protection that we were forced in time to abandon our garrisons and march north of the Kothian hills.

Khoraja and Khauran remain independent Kothic states, valuable as trading partners but untrustworthy always, and bothersome in time of Kothic expansion.

Ours is an august tradition, foremost among our peers and beneficent to out inferiors, sometimes to a fault. But always we remain the pride of the Hyborian southern world! Now hearken and learn the length and breadth of thy land.

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