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Amazonia (AMAZ) #11
Amazonia (AMAZ) - Province #11 - Player Kingdom

AMAZONIA (Small Kingdom) -- The female warriors of Gamburu are unmatched in the Southern world. Their fleet footed warriors are rightly feared for their ferocity and for their prowess with both the Javelin and their bronze bladed shortswords. A dream of empire calls them to seek dominion over the vast interior grasslands and the endless, forgotten jungles beyond.


Know, my Liege, of the history and ways of thy people: For as long as history has been recorded thy sisters have been a fierce, warrior race, proud and strong, taking men bested in battle as slaves -- slavery being the natural and proper station in life befitting menfolk. Our mothers in the dawn of time wandered first into Gamburu (ancient even in that misty time) to rebuild the crumbling remnants of the city which they found there. From strong walled Gamburu the first fleet footed Amazonian daughters marched, striking a lesson of fear into the brutal hearts of ignorant tribesmen a thousand miles distant. The time of lessons is now past. Rather it is a time to conquer! All Amazonia awaits now thy commands. Whither shall thy spear stab forth? Ah, but such questions may only be answered from knowledge. Heed well my words, Great One, as I report to thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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