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Argos (ARGO) #12 through #16
Argos (ARGO) - Provinces #12 through #16 - Player Kingdom

ARGOS (Medium Kingdom) -- The major sea power of the Hyborian Age, proud Argos sweeps the western sea from Vanaheim to the Black Kingdoms. Wealthy beyond its size. Argos seldom lacks for funds either to war or to weave far reaching webs of intrigue as the situation dictates. Natural enemy of Zingara and secret supporters of the Barachan pirates, the Argosseans may very possibly prove the ultimate rulers of the Hyborian Age.


Know, my Lord, that the seafaring kingdom of Argos was founded upon the ruins of the ancient and evil empire of Acheron. Long ago, forbearers of the Zingarans and Shemites, together with a mix of Hyborian tribes, threw down the southern portion of Acheron in a tumult of fire and sword. Less than a hundred years later, these, our forefathers, had united to form the first rude kingdom of Argos.

The first Argossean fathers learned much from the culture which they had destroyed, and soon they began to rebuild the cities they had shattered, learning the love of saltwater and wind upon the few sailing vessels which remained undestroyed from the sack of Acheron. Thy people of Argos throve naturally upon the sea and, from the mist of time to this day, they have become master sailors and traders. Zingara is a jealous neighbor and has ever considered the land of Argos to be rightfully hers. She has become a rival sea power as well as a constant threat.

On this day, the coast of Argos is fringed with vast trading cities through which the wealth of empires flows by day and the ransom of kings by night. To this thou wert born to rule, and rule proudly. Heed well now my words, Great One, as I report to thee of the length and breadth of thy kingdom.

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