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Cimmeria (CIMM) #32 through #36
Cimmeria (CIMM) - Provinces #32 through #36 - Player Kingdom

CIMMERIA (Medium Kingdom) -- Grim. Moody. Grey skied. The land of Crom amid hills and mountains. A warrior race, the Cimmerians are descendants of ancient Atlantis and only slowly coming again into the ways of civilization after contact with the Hyborian Kingdoms. In battle the Cimmerians are unmatched in the darkly wooded hills of their homeland and few are the invading Aquilonian, Pictish, or Northeim warriors who return from that grey land! A legacy of hatred runs strong amongst Cimmerians for their long time enemies, the Picts.


Know, my Lord, that thy people are descended of the might of Atlantis. Atlantis, whose gleaming spires the oceans drank in the Great Cataclysm which shook the world many thousands of years past. Long lost is Atlantis, and among her children not even the legend remains, only war and unending war with all their neighbors.

Lo, for five thousand years ther has run a river of blood between thy people and the Picts. Amongst the ruins of ancient Valusia, the forefathers of the Picts and Cimmerians crashed upon one another to destroy each other's kingdoms and return both cultures to savagery and barbarism far removed from the works of their fathers. The sires of Cimmeria were driven back from the coast by the seemingly innumerable hordes of the Picts, whose legions to this day go uncounted, into the grim, moody, grey-skied hills where they chose to go no farther.

Thy people have made this land their home, and even Acheron, its empire growing to full power and falling over twenty-five hundred years, never once boasted defeat of thy Cimmerians. Other Hyborian kingdoms have been slow to encroach upon the unappealing Cimmerian hills, and after tasting harsh defeat, have bypassed this grim land and its even grimmer people. It is true, however, by Crom's will or against it, that over the last thousand years thy people have become more civilized - -  slightly - - by their contact with the Hyborian kingdoms.

Thy Cimmerians worship Crom, a god suited to their grim disposition. Above all, thy people retain the soul of the savage, instinctively knowing what more civilized men have forgotten. It is easier to take a civilization by force of arms than to build one . . . Heed well now the words of thy counsellor as I report to the of the present state of thy kingdom.

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