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Corinthia (CORI) #37 through #41
Corinthia (CORI) - Provinces #37 through #41 - Player Kingdom

CORINTHIA (Medium Kingdom) -- Secure behind high mountain passes lie the city states of Corinthia. Notable for their highly disciplined battle phalanxes and fearsome weaponry (halberd and pike), the Corinthians swiftly move towards unity as a Kingdom. A great general is all that Corinthia needs to lead their heavily armoured pikemen down upon a surprised Hyborian world.


Know, my Lord, that the history of thy kingdom goes back into the shrouded veils of time unto the founding of the ancient and nearly forgotten empire of Acheron.

Early Corinthia was subjugated by the evil which was Acheron. Of whence the Corinthians came prior to this, little is known. Perhaps we are descended from the ruins of the Valusian culture which, like so many others, was wrecked in the throes of the Great Cataclysm. The citadels of the mighty were dragged beneath the oceans, and out of the ocean there rose up new lands. Much later in time Corinthia broke free of Acheron, that evil which perished in flames brought down from the north by invading Hybori tribes. And after, she remained independent for over a thousand years until she was also overrun by a migration of Hybori tribes.

Amid the waste of Corinthia and her ruined cities, the Hyborian rulers and their Corinthian slaves wandered for well over five hundred years in puny tribes, small kingdom falling upon small kingdom in a never-ending succession of carnage and destruction. In time, however, the blood of the two cultures began to mix, and through intermarriage the peoples became as one. Finally, there arose a new kingdom of Corinthia, one of the last of the Hyborian kingdoms to emerge.

On this day, Corinthia is nestled in a ring of mountains as a loose confederation of smaller kingdom states. Thy Corinthian pikemen are renowned as the best infantry in the world, both disciplined and courageous. History has taken us through bloodshed, turmoil and war one hundred times. Now we look to thee for our guidance and our welfare. Heed well now my words, Great One, as I report to thee of the length and breadth of thy new kingdom.

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