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Keshan (KESH) #73 through #76
Keshan (KESH) - Provinces #73 through #76 - Player Kingdom

KESHAN (Medium Kingdom) -- A Kingdom of barbaric splendor, the Keshans are well led by nobles and religious leaders who claim descent from the great people of Alkmeenon. Keshan also has a well drilled army patterned after the Stygian military organization. While Stygian troops often raid into northern Keshan, Punt is Keshan's long standing and hereditary enemy. Keshan lies poised in the midst of a power vacuum and, if well controlled, may emerge as a major power of the Hyborian Age.


Listen well, O Lord of the blood, to these words. Thy people are the Keshan, and thou art descended of the great Alkmeenon race. Few people are as misunderstood as thy Keshan. The world believes us to be backward and barbaric, and while many of our jungle tribes are little more than savages, still we are more, much more than we seem.

Our Alkmeenon forebears ruled a vast, powerful empire, and employed magics beyond any seen today! And then, many hundreds of years ago, the Alkmeenon age of power and glory ended abruptly. Some say it was a great plague, others the scourge of the gods, but none can know. Some of the Alkmeenon who survived began again in the village of Keshia, after which our kingdom is named.

Foreigners see our humble royal palace, built of mud, stone, and bamboo, but do they notice our strong city walls nearing completion? They laugh at our simple customs, but do they know we have a strong government, a written language, and a complex society? We are civilized though we live in bamboo palaces, we rulers remember our Alkmeenon heritage.

Always remember, O powerful one, we have an ancient feud with Punt, a worthless people who flaunt their great wealth, gold washed from their central hills. We harbor a hatred of the Stygians who have despised us since the time of Alkmeenon eminence. They yet raid our borders for slaves to serve in their pagan rites to Set.

Thy most recent forefathers have strengthened the Stygian borderlands, forcing the abominable snake-worshippers to raid Darfar for their slaves. This has been a great success. But our recent incursions into the Puntish Gold Hills have gone badly. This is what thou must change for the better, if thou would thy land in the manner thy fathers, and thy people, demand.

Heed well my words, Great One, and I will tell of the length and breadth of thy land.

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