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Khauran (KHAU) #77 through #78
Khauran (KHAU) - Provinces #77 through #78 - Player Kingdom

KHAURAN (Medium Kingdom) -- Rich in fertile meadowlands and at the center of trade in the Hyborian world, Khauran is a Kingdom of abundant wealth. Khauran is well ruled by nobles of Kothic descent and lacks not for wizards and powers arcane. The Khauranian nobles disdain the use of horse but hire mercenary cavalry troops as needed. Khauran begins the epoch in strong alliance with both Koth and Khoraja.


Hear me, my Lady, and learn well the knowledge thou will need for wisdom in your rule!

Khauran is a small kingdom with very rich farmlands producing up to three and four crops a year. Most of the trade routes of the Hyborian world snake through Khauran City. The eastern Shemite desert tribes (Zuagirs and others) covet the wealth of thy Khauran, but have been unable to overcome Khauran City's high walls or well-drilled Khaurani troops.

Khauran is the product of Kothic expansion in the past. The Hyborian kingdom of Koth was founded a few hundred years after its predecessors of Argos, Nemedia, and Aquilonia. A young kingdom, its people have ever seemed adventurous, and many a Kothic nobleman has wandered off, never to be seen again. However, many such Kothic adventurers carved Khauran out from a land inhabited by mixed, aboriginal people east of the Kothic uplands. In time Koth itself overran her outpost and Khauran became a province for hundreds of years. Through adroit political machinations timed to Kothic setbacks in western Shem, Khauran regained her independence.

Khauran is valuable today to Koth, acting as middleman to the great eastern trade which would go north, without Khaurani contacts, to Arenjun in Zamora. Still, Kothic kings covet Khauran, and ever seek to absorb it in their empire. Only the most clever economic and political manipulations hold Koth at bay, for now. Now listen, as I tell of the length and breadth of thy land.

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