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Asgard (ASGA) #17 through #20
Asgard (ASGA) - Provinces #17 through #20 - Player Kingdom

ASGARD (Medium Kingdom) -- Blonde reavers of the icy north, the mailed warriors of the Aesir are held in check only by their equally ferocious kin the Vanir to the west, the grim Cimmerians southward, and by arcane Hyperborea to the east. Loosely organized, the clans await their forging to a cause, or a great captain of men, to spur them over the ice towards bright and bloody conquest!


Hear me, my Lord, for if thou art indeed to sit upon the throne, as the High King of Asgard, thou wilt wish the knowledge of the rich history of thy people the Nordheimer. Long ago, thy forefathers lived far, far to the North. There, the days were long and nightfall was a cruelty of months' duration. And in that land there were creatures unknown by living me of this generation. Great Snow Apes fell upon our fathers from out of that winter world only to be dispatched in a great slaying which is said to have lasted a month and a day, until the reek of death filled the land. From out of the Southlands there came more tidings of war.

War chiefs of the ancient Hybori tribes, girded for war and leading hosts of fierce warriors, came upon our people. It was from these that out people fist learned the value of sword and axe. Praise be to Ymir! Torn by war, the ancient Nordheimer gathered their families to begin the long trek south, passing over the ashes of destruction everywhere in a world where every man's hand was turned against another. In vengeance of a thousand years and a thousand years more, thy people have driven the Hybori tribes (which they found to the south) before them and made for themselves a new land.

Of all the Hybori peoples whose lands once bordered the lands of the Nordheim, only Hyperborea remains. That country's Albino nobles have firmly resisted all Nordheim onslaughts upon their huge stone citadels. In time the Nordheimer began to war amongst themselves, two great clans growing strong to dominate the rest, the red-haired and the yellow haired Aesir. Thy people are of the Aesir, and it is from that name that the kingdom of Asgard is derived. Thine Aesir have since become hunters and gatherers, more artistic and less brutal than our Vanir kin to the west, with whom we still war constantly.

It is to thee that the clans look for guidance. The original Hybori have perished or been driven southward. Shall more blood be spilled upon the snowy plains of Hyperborea and Vanaheim? Shall we test the spirit of those descendants of Atlantis who have come to call themselves Cimmerians? Speak not yet, Great One - - first heed thou my words as I report to thee of the present state of thy new kingdom.

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