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Border Kingdom (BORD) #21 through #23
Border Kingdom (BORD) - Provinces #21 through #23 - Player Kingdom

BORDER KINGDOM (Small Kingdom) -- On the fringes of the great Salt Marsh within the Border Kingdom, a new power is quickly developing. Strengthened by a surprising volume of trade (which travels northward to avoid high Nemedian Tariffs) and by a harsh but brilliant leadership composed mostly of exiled Aquilonian and Nemedian families, the young border Kingdom lies poised on the brink of empire ... IF only the fledgling Kingdom can stave off the early territorial appetites of its larger neighbors.


Know, my Lord, that thy Border Kingdom, while new in the eyes of others, is an ancient land, long settled by the pure blooded Hybori tribes who are thy people. All of the Hyborian kingdoms speak a legend of the past, when the tribes left the curel Northland wastes to skirt a vast swamp as they migrated south.

Five hundred years ago, the last Hyborian tribes were driven from the north by the wild giants of the Nordheim hordes. They in turn drove the tribes before them southward and took this land to be their own. The Hyborian Tribes which originally settled our land were soon united under renegade nobles from both Nemedia and Aquilonia who, with pride, first called this land the Border kingdom.

Honed by over two thousand years of warfare with the Nordheimer reavers and arcane Hyperborea, thy people of the Border Kingdom have become a hardy and warlike race. For centuries, the Border Kingdom has thrived in its bleak land, with hale mountain men of Virunian, excellent marsh warriors available from the hunters and farmers of the Great Salt Marsh, strong farmers of the Lowland Fiefs, and all under the protection of the mounted Noble Warriors.

But history is a mist which has passed. Today all this falls under thy single command. Upon thy shoulders rests our destiny. Heed well now my words, Great one, as I report to thee of the length and the breadth of thy kingdom.

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