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Brythunia (BRYT) #24 through #31
Brythunia (BRYT) - Provinces #24 through #31 - Player Kingdom

BRYTHUNIA (Medium Kingdom) -- The land of plains and horse, the Brythunians have become a culture of hunters and farmers, ranging their wide, flat lands ahorse and unfettered. The Brythunian army carries forward this heritage with a large contingent of disciplined cavalry regiments. Split and scattered into small, widely dispersed fiefdoms, Brythunia awaits only a powerful leader to weld it together and send its riders thundering out of the plains and onto the road of empire.


Know, my Lord, that thy people are descended of many lands and cultures. Three thousand years past, in the toppling of ancient and evil empire of Acheron, refugees fled eastward into the largely unpopulated plains which now form the Brythunian Heartland.

For a thousand years the refugees wandered, learning gladly of the freedom and unfettered gallop of horses under a spacious sky, while retaining much of their old heritage. They kept faith in the god Set and the arboreal religion of Wiccana, worshipping a female goddess in sacred groves. During the next thousand years the survivors of Acheron built up rude and independent kingdoms across plains and absorbed into their midst another great migration of refugees fleeing to safety from the fall of the first and Eldar Hyperborian empire.

Around them civilization was dawning, the Eldar raising the new kingdom of Hyperborea, and from the Zhemri tribes to the southeast Zamora was founded. The kingdoms of Aquilonia and Nemedia were already towering in the west. During all those years and the thousand more until the present, the world was a torrent of migration and conquest. The first rude castles which had been raised by nobles of Acheron were laid to waste once again as a horde of Hyborian tribes washed their blood into this land to give it the name of Brythunia.

In recent history, thy Brythunian people have raided and invaded Zamora repeatedly, defeating them more often than not upon the field of battle. Yea, but the Zamorans have grown wise in the ways of intrigue and have yet to be conquered. On this day, Brythunia is still a land divided into smaller kingdom states, for the nobles of Brythunia are ever loathe to give up their independence. Still, Brythunia does see itself as one nation and all rally together for the common defense.

Yet the councils of the nobles are ever divided. Who of the more powerful nobles has the strength to rule all? Thy dream, Great One, is to unite they people on the road to empire under the will of one High King. To do this thou must steep thyself in the knowledge of the land and its people. Heed closely as I counsel thee with the knowledge that I possess.

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